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Visit Sacramento (KSMF)

Empyral is now serving Sacramento initally with short haul operations to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Redding. Medium Haul operations will begin soon. Sacramento is the state capitol of California serving a population of over 2.5 million.

Seen in the picture to the left is downtown Sacramento. Sacramento is home to the Kings of the NBA and the Republic FC.


PilotRoutedeparrpaxacdep time

EMP0012016-02-10RPLPRPVMDASH 8 Q40020
EMP0012016-02-09RPLLRPLPDASH 8 Q40021
EMP0012016-02-08RPLIRPLLDASH 8 Q40038
EMP0082016-02-07KSFOKFLGDASH 8 Q30035
EMP0012016-02-07RPLLRPLIDASH 8 Q40023
EMP0082016-02-07KLAXKTUS737-200 ADV114


  • Feb 7: Links to Government Aeronautical Charts available from the Flight Center.
  • Feb 5: vPilots can now create routes on the fly (pardon the pun) from the Routes menu.
  • Jan 28: I've been working on the Admin side of the site and will be focusing on the pilot side again shortly.
  • Jan 17: Empyral begins services in the UK with routes from London City (EGLC) and Bristol (EGGD).
  • Jan 15: Advertising/promotion is now working. Please advise of any issues with it.
  • Jan 3: Improved the Fleet Details page to show by category of aircraft.
  • Dec 28: Operations in Toronto, Canada, have begun.
  • Dec 26: Now serving Skiathos, Greece, using Large Turboprops.
  • Dec 26: Now serving Seattle, USA, using Narrow Body aircraft.
  • Dec 26: Modified the Pilot List to show Net Worth rather than Credits.
  • Dec 09: Added a route from KLAS to KMMH for small turboprops (~20 seats). KMMH has a very spectacular view when landing and challenging due to it's altitude.


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