Countries Served: Brazil

Presenting our Pilot Performance System
  • You are not just a pilot, you are a contractor and have to negotiate contract renewals.

  • Good performance during your contract means bonus's.

  • Virtual Passenger loads based on real world data and your reputation. You won't get the same number of passengers on every flight.

  • Your on time performance and popularity at each airport reflects your reputation and contract renewal.

  • Your reputation has an effect on how many passengers want to fly with you.

  • Damaged reputation? Use your credits as damage control or to advertise a new route.

  • Use your credits to obtain a license for a new aircraft to expand your fleet

  • Reports to see your personal progress.

  • Reports to show how you compare to other contractors.

Visit Halifax

Come on over to our hub city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Halifax is the unofficial capitol of the Maritime provinces of Canada. The city has a vibrant downtown and plenty of tourist destinations nearby. Among those are Peggy's Cove, Halifax Harbour, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, along with parks and museums. Halifax is also the cruise line hub of the Maritimes with lines such as Disney, Pearl Seas, Norwegian, and Princess.

Scheduled Departures

PilotRoutedeparrpaxacdep time
Last 10 Flights
EMP0072015-10-03SBSPSBJVJetstream 410019
EMP0072015-10-03SBJVSBSPJetstream 41008
EMP0072015-10-03SBSPSBJVJetstream 410020
EMP0072015-09-30SBSRSBSPJetstream 410013
EMP0072015-09-29SBSPSBSRJetstream 410013

Sao Paulo (SBSP/SBGR)

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