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Presenting our Contract System
  • You are a contractor and have to negotiate contract renewals every month.

  • Good performance during your contract means bonus's.

  • Your on time performance and popularity at each airport changes your reputation and affects you next contract.

  • Your reputation has an effect on how many passengers want to fly with you.

  • Virtual Passenger loads based on real world data and your reputation. You won't get the same number of passengers on every flight.

  • Damaged reputation? Use your credits as damage control.

  • Use your credits to advertise a new route.

  • Use your credits to obtain a new aircraft to expand your fleet locally or globally. Grow at your own pace.

  • Reports to see your personal progress.

  • Reports to show how you compare to other contractors.

Visit Sao Paulo

Come on over to our hub city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Scheduled Departures

PilotRoutedeparrpaxacdep time
Last 10 Flights
EMP0012015-11-29KPDXKSEADASH 8 Q40033
EMP0092015-11-29LGAVLGSRDASH 8 Q40030
EMP0012015-11-29KSFOKPDXDASH 8 Q40050
EMP0012015-11-28KRNOKSFODASH 8 Q40038
EMP0012015-11-28KSFOKRNODASH 8 Q40024
EMP0012015-11-27SBBRSBBHATR 72-50057

Sao Paulo (SBSP/SBGR)

San Francisco (KSFO)

Madrid (LEMD)

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